Sunday, November 05, 2006


"An ecclectic band rooted in the creative soils of Montreal,Quebec. Mixing elements of black, death, core, progressive and melodic metal ; classical, operatic, medieval, electro, ambient, psychotic, noise and circus music with an occasional jazzy touch. 7 musicians all in all. Their vocal performance range from an extreme to the other as they alternate between glorious choirs; inhuman screams of deep, high, mid-growl and delirious intensity; theatrical narrations; and clean/sober sections strewn with a female singer who's angelic voice could melt the will of the most vile corporate jerk.

Daydreamers and lunar people, the ideas traveling in their art are related to the imagination and the inherent creative power of all human beings, subjective faraway fantasy tales, trancelike sensorial exploration, undercover denunciation of social aspects and subconscious realities.

From their humble beginnings in 1996, the band saw it's share of line-up changes, as only 3 members of this period are still in the band. unexpecT then recorded a full length album called " Utopia " in 1998 which saw the day only in 1999. This first offering was critically acclaimed by many countries around the world ( from Russia to Brazil by the way of the Philippines ) with no distribution whatsoever and with internet as only support. A new era began for these sound-painters with the release of a new surreal opus called _wE, Invaders in November 2003. This EP, released on the label Galy Records in America, caused quite a positive stir with the critics and is the glorious introduction to the following album currently in progress that will smash some dull boundaries of vile standards. They are now signed on the eclectic label The End Records; a new relation that should lead their ambitions to their far reaching goalsthe future is set for a coloured ride, indeed." (From UneXpect's myspace)


Utopia (1999)
_wE, invaders (2003)
In a Flesh Aquarium (2006)

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