Sunday, November 05, 2006

Green Carnation

This is a repost of my previous Green Carnation post. Added is the rest of their discography.

Green Carnation, a project of Carpathian Forest's guitarist Tchort, are an interesting band indeed. They started out playing Death metal, then went on to Doom, and are now Progressive metal with some albums being rock, even. One of their masterpieces is Light of Day, Day of Darkness, a single 60 minute and 6 second long track (the longest metal song ever recorded) which is composed of 600 different samples, resulting in an impressive and complex soundscape. Another impressive album by the band is, their latest, The Acoustic Verses, which marked the 15th anniversary of the band's creation. This album, as can be gleaned from its name, is entirely acoustic and shows a calmer, more thoughtful side of the band. It has another epic song, "9-29-045," which is 15 minutes and 28 seconds long and is split into 3 parts. Another interesting track on the album is "Alone," which is the Edgar Allen Poe poem of the same name put to music! Yeah so I just realized that everything in this post is locked except The Acoustic Verses because I got it off of the iTunes music store. I'm going to get rid of the links to those albums and will try to burn and rerip them as mp3s and then reupload them... if I don't get lazy.


The Acoustic Verses (2006)

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