Thursday, November 30, 2006

Disarmonia Mundi

Disarmonia Mundi is a Gothenburg Melodeath band of incredible originality, their music is full of tastefully used Electronica and, instead of the usual death growls, they make use of a powerful combonation of "Speed" Bjorn's unique vocals and beautiful clean singing. (Don't be put off by the vocals, they're mindbogglingly well done). With driving and powerful music, they make for quite the listening experiance. I suggest Fragments of D-generation for a first listen, then Nebularium and then Mind Tricks. The latter wasn't received with very critical acclaim but I find it a rad album in its own right, so don't fear checking it out.


Nebularium (2002)
Fragments of D-generation (2004)
Mind Tricks (2006)

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