Wednesday, March 14, 2007


French band Phazm play a dirty and gritty kinda of Blackened Death 'n Roll, or just Death 'n Roll as they call it. Think Bluesy Rock + Death Metal + lots of Black Metal overtones.
Hate at First Seed has lyrical themes about nature rebeling against man while Antebellum Death 'n Roll is chock full of fun and incredibly morbid words about everything from necrophillia to reverse necrophillia, as I call it (zombies raping people). Wonderful stuff and can be pretty heavy at times too.


Hate at First Seed (2004)
Antebellum Death 'n Roll (2006)

Antebellum Death 'n Roll has a badass cover too:


Khlyst's music isn't about enjoyment or entertainment. Khlyst is a painful trip through the darkest, most macabre places of the human mind and human condition through morbid, dark, atmospheric, gut-wrenching Drone Doom. Between the eerie and harsh compositions of James Plotkin (former Khanate) and the hideous growls of Runhild Gammelsaeter (former Thorr's Hammer) Chaos is my Name is quite the trip.


Chaos Is My Name (2006)