Thursday, November 30, 2006


Disillusion is a German Progressive Metal band who, from their first demo to their first album, Back to Times of Splendor, played a blend of Melodic Death and Prog. With their latest album Gloria, though, they've changed to Progressive with many Industrial and Electronica overtones. All the band's songs are conceptual and connected to stories. The lyrics are incredibly well written and intelligent and fit well to the music that became more and more complex as their career continued. Back to Times of Splendor contains a 15 minute and an 18 minute long song, both of which manage to stay engrossing through impressive songwriting. The vocals, all of which are done by Vurtox, transfer between agressive growling and beautiful and melodic clean singing.

Disillusion are my favorite band, go listen.


Red demo (1997)
Three Neuron Kings EP (2001)
The Porter Single (2002)
Back to Times of Splendor (2004)

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