Friday, December 08, 2006

Pain of Salvation

These guys need know introduction. Simply some of the best Prog Metal ever. All of their albums are concept albums and contain complex and well made songs full of emotion and paired with brilliant lyrics, all accompanied by Daniel Gildenlow's incredible voice.


Entropia (1997)
One Hour by the Concrete Lake (1998)
The Perfect Element I (2000)
Remedy Lane (2002)
"This Heart of Mine" (2002; from Remedy Lane)*
12:5 (Live Album) (2004)
BE (2004)
Scarsick (2007)

* "This Heart of Mine," track 5 from Remedy Lane, is broken in the version I uploaded. Click the link "This Heart of Mine" to download a working version of the song.

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The Sleeping Tyrant said...

You need Entropia and BE.