Friday, December 08, 2006

Neglected Fields

Neglect Fields are a Technical Death Metal band hailing from Latvia (of all freaking places) who play Tech Death that ranges from intense and all over the place to something that leans on the progressive side. Their vocalist has a very unique, raspy sound that fits the music well. They're bass player kicks arse too. Not really sure what to say other than that, just check this out if you like DM.

I'd just like to note that the track listing for songs on Mephisto Lettonica is fucked up, the song order should go as follows:


2.The Spider's Kiss

3.Whatever that Tempts

4.Feral Garden


6.The Human Abstract


8.Once Carcass is Cold...


Also, I have no idea where the fuck "Sinesthetic" came from, but it was in the folder when I downloaded the album so I left it in. Might as well just make it track 10.


Mephisto Lettonica (2000)
Splenetic (2006)

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