Sunday, April 08, 2007

Draomere's Super Awesome Rare Shit

My bud Draomere gave me permission to host his links here, the following descriptions and uploads are all his work:

"Pagan Forest
Interesting Pagan Black Metal with an almost carnivalistic nature.

Progressive Rock/Metal with a neat dark tone and loads of Post-Rock influence. Great if you're a fan of Russian Circles or Priam.

The Helheim Society
Extremely rare, but extremely awesome Industrial Black Metal demo. The band has now disbanded and this is the last demo that they released and it is FANTASTIC.

Bog Morok
Pretty hard to describe band imo. M-A calls them Death/Doom which is definitely wrong as there is nothing doomy about this release. I'm thinking it's some form of Progressive Death Metal. Either way, definitely worth a listen.

If you are a fan of Negura Bunget, this is a neat collectable. Progressive Death/Doomish Metal with some rather interesting music; however, the quality of the release tends to take away from the greatness it could have.

Temnojar member's Black/Folk Metal project. Very interesting stuff.

The last release from this band in 1995. This is some quality Black Metal, and it predates the Suicidal Black Metal movement. A nice collectable and a great demo."


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