Thursday, October 12, 2006


Borknagar is a unique band, playing epic extreme progressive/black metal. As The BNR Metal Pages says, "The band forgoes the simplistic blastbeats and shrieking typical of the early black metal bands, instead opting for a more majestic black metal sound ("epic metal" as Brun himself has described the style)." Quintessence marks Borknagar's last album with I.C.S. Vortex as vocalist, before he decided that Dimmu Borgir would be his main band, and has very epic music that is aggressive while still retaining the feel of a powerful soundscape that isn't too in your face and remains thoughtful in its own way. With Empiricism Vintersorg joined the line-up as the new vocalist, bringing his own unique touch to the band. Their most recent album (unreleased at the time of this post...) is acoustic, unlike Borknagar's other fare, and is very much a folk (acoustic) metal album.


Empiricism (2001)
Origin (2006)

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