Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Transilvanian Hunger

Requested by a friend.

Transilvanian Hunger
(Darkthrone, 1994)

Monday, December 11, 2006

The "OMG Ihsahn Fanboy" Post

I just want to remind you all to pick up everything by Peccatum (below), Emperor, Zyklon-B, and Ihsahn's solo project or I will hate you forever.


"Peccatum was formed by singer Ihriel (Heidi Solberg Tveitan), her husband Ihsahn (of the well-known black metal band Emperor), and her brother Lord PZ. The group has released five albums since their inception in 1999. Lost in Reverie, released in 2004 after Lord PZ's departure, demonstrated a change in a more classical, avant-garde and musically opaque direction.

Lost in Reverie and the 2005 EP The Moribund People were both produced under the label Mnemosyne Productions, owned and operated by Ihriel and Ihsahn themselves.

On March 4th, 2006 Peccatum split, leaving room for Ihriel to continue with Star of Ash and Ihsahn to work on his solo work." (Taken from Peccatum's last.fm page)

Peccatum play some very interesting and varied Avant-Garde Metal... I'm not quite sure how to describe them but if you like Avant-Garde, Emperor (parts of it are Blackish!), or Ihsahn's solo project you might like it or might as well give it a try. If one album doesn't do it for you, check some of the others. You can't listen to one and understand them all.


Strangling From Within (1999)
Amor Fati (2000)
Oh, My Regrets EP (2000)
Lost in Reverie (2004)
The Moribund People EP (2005)

Crushing the Holy Trinity

Crushing the Holy Trinity is a set of three splits named Crushing the Holy Trinity (Father), Crushing the Holy Trinity (Son), and Crushing the Holy Trinity (Holy Spirit), made by the Black Metal bands Deathspell Omega, Stabat Master, Musta Surma, Clandestine Blaze, Mg³a, and Exordium. All the songs are in one folder here, so here is the track listing so you know how to arrange it all:

1. Deathspell Omega - "Diabolus Absconditus"
2. Stabat Mater - "Above Him"

1. Musta Surma - "Kalpeina Helvetin Tulessa"
2. Musta Surma - "Ruton Ruhtinas"
3. Musta Surma - "Han On Pimeys"
4. Musta Surma - "Valkeuden Hauras Tuhka"
5. Clandestine Blaze - "Intro"
6. Clandestine Blaze - "Destroyer Of Nations"
7. Clandestine Blaze - "Trophy"
8. Clandestine Blaze - "Behind The Faith"

Holy Spirit
1. Mg³a - Power And Will I
2. Mg³a - Power And Will II
3. Mg³a - Power And Will III
4. Mg³a - Power And Will IV
5. Exordium - Ei Toivottu Vieras (Intro)/Tyrannia Martyrum
6. Exordium - Craving Vehemence
7. Exordium - Unevangel

Great thanks to Michelle for uploading this for me and the rest of the dudes at Gaia, and for giving me permission to put it up on my blog. :)


Crushing the Holy Trinity (2005)

Neptune Towers

Neptune Towers was an Electronica Ambient project done by Fenriz of Darkthrone. He released two albums, each containing but 2 long tracks each. The music consists spacey synth based sound scapes. If you like Electronica/Ambient or feel the need to own everything possible that is related to Darkthrone, you should check this out.


Caravans To Empire Algol (1994)
Transmissions From Empire Algol (1995)

Sunday, December 10, 2006


"Black Metal Project from Norway with members of Emperor, Satyricon and Dødheimsgard. Their only release was a Single with 3 tracks and 10 minutes playtime. Very fast, aggressive and atmospheric tracks about war, violence and depopulation of humanity.

Samoth: Guitars.
Frost: Drums.
Draug Aldrahn: Vocals.
Ihsahn: Keyboards.

The soundclips on the track "Warfare", are taken from Bob Larson's show "Talk
back", with Boyd Rice as a guest on that particular one." (From Zyklon-B's last.fm page)

Blood Must Be Shed consists of the songs:

1. Mental Orgasm
2. Bloodsoil
3. Warfare

Total Warfare is a remix of "Warfare" which was included on a split with Mayhem:

1. Total Warfare (Sea Serpeant Remix)

According to Metal Archives, " Zyklon-B was a delousing agent used in German prison camps during WWII, later adapted to kill prisoners in concentration camps." Pictured in the above image are (from left to right) Draug, Samoth, Ihsahn, and Frost.

Enjoy. It's kvlt.

Blood Must Be Shed EP (1995)
Total Warfare (1999)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Pain of Salvation

These guys need know introduction. Simply some of the best Prog Metal ever. All of their albums are concept albums and contain complex and well made songs full of emotion and paired with brilliant lyrics, all accompanied by Daniel Gildenlow's incredible voice.


Entropia (1997)
One Hour by the Concrete Lake (1998)
The Perfect Element I (2000)
Remedy Lane (2002)
"This Heart of Mine" (2002; from Remedy Lane)*
12:5 (Live Album) (2004)
BE (2004)
Scarsick (2007)

* "This Heart of Mine," track 5 from Remedy Lane, is broken in the version I uploaded. Click the link "This Heart of Mine" to download a working version of the song.

Neglected Fields

Neglect Fields are a Technical Death Metal band hailing from Latvia (of all freaking places) who play Tech Death that ranges from intense and all over the place to something that leans on the progressive side. Their vocalist has a very unique, raspy sound that fits the music well. They're bass player kicks arse too. Not really sure what to say other than that, just check this out if you like DM.

I'd just like to note that the track listing for songs on Mephisto Lettonica is fucked up, the song order should go as follows:


2.The Spider's Kiss

3.Whatever that Tempts

4.Feral Garden


6.The Human Abstract


8.Once Carcass is Cold...


Also, I have no idea where the fuck "Sinesthetic" came from, but it was in the folder when I downloaded the album so I left it in. Might as well just make it track 10.


Mephisto Lettonica (2000)
Splenetic (2006)